Whispering Meadows Ranch Work Program

Work Program

Since the inception of the ranch, young adults with disabilities have participated in daily chores and activities required at a small ranch. As the community learned about the work style program, we received an overwhelming response from the community.

This program continues to grow and currently we have clients participating five days a week in this work-style training program. The weekly projects may include general barn management, tending to the garden, horse care and safety, property maintenance, machinery care and nature activities. These activities provide many opportunities to raise educational achievement and increase physical movement through our outdoor work and learn assignments. The individuals participating have learned responsibility, teamwork and accountability. Parents have commented on their child’s communication skills, self-esteem and confidence level improving significantly.  Educators have noticed their students overcoming fears, mastering fine motor skills and showing a genuine interest in trying new activities. These skills are then carried forward after students leave the ranch environment. Individuals are able to transfer their newfound skills into other aspects of their lives, thus increasing confidence and empowering them to do more.

School Outreach Programs

Whispering Meadows Ranch is working hand in hand with educational instructors to provide service learning opportunities for young people with special needs. Through projects like community art, music performances and habitat research projects these young people will have the chance to make valuable contributions to their community. Service learning projects will combine learning and action with thoughtful integration. A sense of purpose is found along with self-discovery, knowledge, and the ability to interact and improve their environment.

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