Reaching New Heights

The “Reaching New Heights” project will provide a creative and physically stimulating atmosphere for people of all abilities. The 15′x15′ recreation room will be placed among the trees, with a wheelchair accessible platforms and bridge. This room will be large enough to accommodate small groups and will be utilized on a regular basis with activities such as building projects, arts & crafts, exercise, as well as luncheons and workshops. This will be a place to engage and foster cooperation through teamwork and trust which become valuable real-world skills in developing healthy relationships with family and friends.

Surrounding the recreation room will be an adventure playground constructed of wood poles and beams. All components of the activity elements will feature soft nylon rope and will include bridges, swings, linear activities and a wiggly hammock. This design will accommodate a variety of fitness and ability levels while encouraging exploration and self reliance. All elements of the playground are within a safe step or jump to the ground with a soft surface landing. The fun physical tasks associated with this playground will motivate clients and promote flexibility and balance while building healthy muscles. Our goal is to help individuals overcome fears, strengthen their relationships and communication skills with others while motivating them to exercise their bodies through fun physical tasks and creative activities.

We will encourage all clients to have individual goals and objectives using “Go for It” Charts, where they can track and work to improve their performance skills. This playground area will promote movement, flexibility, balance and coordination which are often a challenge for many people with disabilities. It will improve their self esteem by encouraging team events and one-on-one socialization. In addition, this structure has been designed to accommodate future expansion with outdoor exercise equipment. The recreation room will be adjacent to our garden, the campfire, picnic areas and overlooking the green pasture for the horses.

The total project cost is $36,000.