Meet Our Horses


Hello! My name is Cheyenne, a 25-year-old Belgian/Quarter horse cross and the lead mare of my all girl herd. I am extremely friendly, love to see visitors and will be the first one to greet newcomers at the ranch. I am the bravest horse here (just ask me), a bit curious and quite dramatic when meeting new equine friends. I work hard at learning new things and love when my human friends praise me with lots of sweet words and petting. I am a full figured filly so my natural padding makes me a very comfortable ride! After working hard with the riders I really enjoy a nice bath and will lick your hands in hopes of a special treat.


Now let’s meet Lolipop a.k.a. “the blonde bombshell”! Lolipop, a 22 year old Halflinger was generously donated by a family in Ormond Beach in November 2012. Their wish was for her to have a loving home and a great job with kids. What a perfect place for her to be! Lolipop has heads turning to admire her extraordinary beauty, on a regular basis. She is quite the looker! She is a strong, calm, and very healthy girl!   Lolipop is not afraid of anything and is very affectionate to her human friends, especially if treats are involved. She loves getting a bath and especially having the hose sprayed on her face!

Lil Girl

Lil Girl is a 16 year old quarter horse from Ormond Beach, FL  She is a beautiful mare with a long golden mane and tail.   She is very shy and tends to stick with her friend Niblet.  She has a sweet nicker when her human friends come around, hoping they may drop a little extra sweet hay.  Lil Girl is a good listener with her riders, but likes to go fast at the trot, so hold on!!




Our beloved Star spent 14 years serving and loving countless children, adults and volunteers in our equine programs.  She will be a forever favorite to all who were blessed to spend time with her.  Star crossed over the rainbow on September 30, 2022.  She is missed everyday


This is Niblet, the cutest 32 year-old paint pony you will ever meet. I especially like her because she looks just like the foal I had before moving to the ranch. Although Niblet is the smallest of us four girls, she can really move! When Niblet first came to the ranch she was really afraid of everything and the human’s decided to send her to Horse College, to help her be brave. Well her professor, Dan Crist, did a great job and now Niblet is a perfect angel for the little riders. While she is our “go-to” pony for the smaller riders she has lots of spirit with an experienced rider as well. She is very smart and works hard at learning her jobs at the ranch. Niblet loves to be dirty and after a good grooming it’s straight to the dirt for a good roll!